Do you know The Ten Commandments of iT? Well, it comes down toBackup

  1. did you do a backup?
  2. do you have a backup?
  3. when last did you do a backup?

The most horrifying scenario for us as iT professionals is to work on a clients’ iT environment knowing no proper or no up-to-date backup of data exists.

Our first priority therefore always is to ensure that all data is safe. Any solution we offer will go along with a backup solution, being it manually onto a USB stick or external hard drive or unattended and automated via the network or encrypted remote connections into a cloud storage.

Cloud Storage

Many people do not care to load their data into a Cloud offered for free by Google (Google Drive), Apple (iCloud) or any of the major iT companies worldwide.Cloud Storage

At Business iT Solutions CC we do think different, and as explained above we are most concerned of how and where we save, backup and safeguard not only our own data, but also the data of our clients. Privacy and discretion is of high value to us.

We therefore offer you a cloud storage solution that does not store your valuable information somewhere on a server. We provide you with your own Cloud solution, in-house on your own server and on your premisis or in your data center.