Integrated iT Solutions

Integrated iT Solutions – the goal is to provide the best combined technology solutions available. Different businesses, different solutions! Where possible we integrate existing system into new technology. Virtualization technologies – for example – help businesses create an iT infrastructure which can be easily managed and maintained at a low price, thus eliminating dependence on a single hardware vendor and ensuring more resilient, flexible and agile iT function.

Integrated IT Solutions

Resource virtualization allows for the creation of so-called virtual machines (i.e. fully-functional isolated copies of server systems on a single hardware platform), thus allowing for emulation of the combination of hardware required to run any OS and making it possible to launch software on virtual resources and reduce hardware infrastructure investment. Advantages include independence from any one hardware vendor, centralized administration of integrated systems, and easy scaling without performance degradation.

We lay emphasis on the word “Integrated” iT Solutions. Different devices should be compatible with your iT infrastructure and can be used anywhere at any time to retrieve any information related to your business. The most common application is your e-mail. We make it available to you, on any device wherever you are.

If we speak about Integrated iT Solutions we always also have in mind: security. We will never recommend an integrated solution by compromising on the security. Or in other words, our integrated solutions always focus on security. The security of your network infrastructure, your company’s data as well as access to your premises and the surveillance of buildings and offices. We do integration safe and secure – this we promise!